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adidas superstar womens sale

adidas shoes 2018 Since I’ve made peace with the thought that I’m growing older but not wiser, life is more beautiful. And in this recent process of revelation (and obliviousness) I understood why I also find myself gravitating towards sneakers. Current crush: Adidas Superstar sneakers. Heels? I adore. But, I somehow cheat my way out of wearing them by doing more sporty chic looks, more casual chic style.

adidas shoes women buy The Superstar line by Adidas is one of the most successful sneaker concepts ever that was in vogue from its first day on. That's one of the reasons why Adidas consistently brings new, hip reissues of the popular sneaker onto the market and also tries out new ideas e.g. in terms of colorways and develops more futuristic and fancy looks like the shiny silver three-stripes branding of this model. The Superstar sneaker for women of course offers characteristic features like the rubber shell toe, the Stan Smith print on the tongue, a breathable mesh lining and a grippy rubber sole with a herringbone profile.

adidas shoes mens cheap The Adidas Superstar sample we have is a very unique shoe. A creme colorway with white stripes and toe box make for an striking contrast. The Adidas logo on the heel tab is gold. On this particular sample, the Adidas logo is embossed throughout the shoe, connected by white dots. I don’t remember seeing a Superstar like this before. What was cool about the Superstar was the many color combinations they came in, perfect for mixing and matching depending on the gear you were rocking.

adidas superstar womens sale The iconic design of  the adidas Originals Superstar has been influencing the sneaker game since its inception in 1969.  Having easily made the transition from the basketball court to the streets, it has been cemented into popular culture by one of the most influential hip hop groups in the game, Run-D.M.C.  Fast forward to 2013, adidas flips the script of their beloved sneaker and adds a translucent sole creating the Superstar CLR.                                                             


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