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New Balance 999 Clearance

The New Balance 999 UK Cheap is one of a couple models apparently set to switch into elite mode in the near future (the New Balance 1500 already having done so). The technical details as far as which materials are upgraded in the process are still a bit of a mystery, but these get by on aesthetic terms regardless. The materials match up pretty close with another recent New Balance 999, both of them sporting a vaguely ‘Kennedy’ lean to them. There’s no doubt that the ‘Kennedy’ pair of the New Balance 999 that came from the CNCPTS camp a few years back gave quite a bit more steam to this New Balance silhouette. In fact, this inline colorway echoes their design in many ways with its mesh toebox, stony grey suede cap up front, and ripstop nylon sections.

Stussy has been one of 2012’s most prolific collaborators, extending their creative influence to a variety of brands, genres and models.  The latest effort brings along a Japanese streetwear mainstay and French horse racing themes to give one of New Balance’s surging collabo canvases another masterful new release.  The New Balance 999 Clearance ‘Selle Francis’ has plenty of connections, whether you follow the 999 thread or check back over the vast HECTIC x NB history, which has also on many occasions included Stussy.  What’s common to them all is premium craftsmanship, and this pair goes for all-suede, even opting for a perforated cut instead of the classic mesh ventilation, which adds an air of casual luxury.

The New Balance Elite collection continues with a new colorway resembling a standout collaboration that itself occupies a rarefied stratosphere.  The New Balance 999 Elite pictured above is the blue answer to the red joints that dropped a bit earlier, a makeup whose blocking and accent shade has them looking something like a black-saddled Kennedy continuation (mild SEAL connections as well). After a long wait you can finally get your hands on the New Balance 999 Outlet. The sneaker was first spotted back in 2012, and was immediately clamored over thanks to the obvious ‘Kennedy’ similarities in its tonal grey and red design. The slow crawl to retail is finally complete, as you can pick up the exciting New Balance 999 release right now from the team at Concepts.

Things continue to look promising for the women’s line of New Balance retro runners for 2016. The next appealing release exclusively for the female New Balance aficionados is this clean colorway of the New Balance 999 Discount, featuring a signature blend of the brand’s grey tones for the suede and mesh with the added bonuses of cornflower blue accents and pinstripes on the inner lining.

For every successful crime investigation that is an open and shut case, there’s an unsolved mystery that leaves the detectives as well as the families of the victims with a sea of unanswerable questions. Sneaker Politics is paying tribute to all of those resilient individuals on the side of the law that spend tireless days, months, and even years trying to crack these cases, but to no avail. Better yet, with Sneaker Politics being situated in the state of Louisiana, there’s a great chance that these shoes are strongly inspired by one of television’s most talked-about shoes – True Detective. The colors and materials – the deep navy, the paisley print on the tongue, and the brown leather accents – are all tributes to the unique style of dress that these sleuths maintain during these times of mental duress.  New Balance 999 Online


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