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adidas Barricade at Wholesale Price


With a rather large toe guard placed high on the shoe, the adidas Barricade at Wholesale Price shows off where it got it's name from. The shoe offers up the durability due to enlarged toe area, and the adiWEAR 6 outsoles greatly decreased slipping or sliding during gameplay. The Barricade's high performance and comfortable step-in made it a go-to shoe for numerous pros including Marat Safin, who won his first Grand Slam title when the shoe released back in 2000. It's easy to see why the Barricade line is so successful and longlasting, just go back to it's roots.

adidas took a slightly different approach with the Barricade 2 and most of it was on the cosmetic end. Following up a classic is never easy, so adidas kept many of the same technical features that contributed to the original Barricade's success, but bolstered it up in some areas. The heel was given more cushioning and was designed add greater shock absorption, while the Three Stripes used a more rugged leather for the upper to increase durability in high wear areas, but this lead to an increase in weight. Overall, the adidas Barricade Wholesale was an incredible follow-up shoe and truly successed in improving on it's predecessor, which is never an easy task.

When the adidas Barricade Outlet Stor 3 came along, it has a completely different look then people were used to. With a revised upper, toe, heel, and outsole design, adidas created a shoe that fits more naturally, while standing up to the stringent performance requirements from the top players in the world. The addition of the adiPRENE outsole allowed the traction on a multitude of surfaces, as well as increasing the durability so players aren't burning through a new pair ever few weeks. The Barricade 3.0 became a staple for ATP Tour players including the Bryan brothers,  possibly the greatest men's Doubles team of all time with 15 titles, as well as the gold medal back in 2012.

The adidas Barricade Clearance Sale4 once again changed the landscape of the series, but not in the aesthic category as the overall design maintained the same for the most part. Where this shoe differentiates itself from previous models is through the contoured fitting system which gave a personalized feel to each player to laced them up. The low arch support was also an added difference as previous models failed to deliver on that front and left players feeling the sliding and slippage within the shoe. Back in 2006, the Barricade 4 became the premier on court sneaker for Novak Djokovic, who ended up defeating three big tennis names you may have heard of in Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Novak even brought home the 2007 Rogers Cup in a special white/blue pair to give off the Toronto vibe.

adidas really flipped the script with the adidas Barricade US Online, as it's possibly the most dishtinguishable model in the series due to the updated design. The shoe used a greater amount of mesh through the uppers then previous models, making them extremely comfortable and snug fitting. The Three Stripes kept the durability at a maxiumum with its adiWEAR 6 outsole compound which can stand up to any surface, and the addition of the tight lines throughout not only made it a performance marvel but true head tuner on the court. Djokovic laced up these up as he defeated Federer and Tsonga at the 2008 Australian Open, capturing his first ever Grand Slam title, and the rest is history.

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