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Disney, Minnie's Sparkling Bow with CZ Ring

Itís cheap pandora charms less than a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Valentineís Day 2018 collection, and todayís post brings an updated preview, offering HQ images, pricing in various currencies and some individual commentary. I also have fuller details on gift sets, which Iíll  include at the end. There are some very cute promos for the CNY beads, too, including some pretty gold jewellery boxes! As is traditional, thereís a new Valentineís-themed charm bracelet design making its debut with the collection. This features pink pave around the  clasp, which also features as a detachable charm/pendant in its own right. This is a very pretty design, but Iíd like to see it in a more neutral clear pave or just as a more intricate plain silver piece, with oxidized detail. The Shape of Love charm has been one of the more  popular charms from the collection, offering a beautifully deep colour and elegant design. Itís priced at £45. This is one of the pieces that would most tempt me, if I had an obvious place for it within my bracelet designs.

Todayís review dips back pandora uk outlet sale  into the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection, with a look at one of our most recent country-exclusive beads Ė the Arabic Love charm. This elegant openwork continues Pandoraís series of Arabian beads, following from the much-loved Camel and  Arabian Coffee Pot charms, both of which are also featured in this review. This latest bead came out with the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection, but only in the UAE. I got mine from Dubai with the help of a kind Pandora collector there. I wrote this review a little while ago  but it kept being pushed back due to Christmas content and then unexpected sneak peeks. Read on now for some close-up shots and styling inspiration! The Pandora Rose collection looks so stunning with blush tones, and the shininess of the silver Arabic charm is really  attractive against the warm tones of the other charms.

The Arabian Coffee Pot came out two years ago pandora charms sale clearance in Autumn 2015, and was an instant hit with fans, who fell in love with its intricate detailing and unique concept. This charm is a follow-up to that one in many ways but for me it lacks the richness of design. The Arabic love  motif is only a very minor twist on its button-style design and heart detailing, which can be seen throughout Pandoraís collections. Itís pretty, but not that different to their regular charms, and so hasnít attracted the same attention from collectors as the Coffee Pot. On  the other hand, this does make it more wearable, I guess, and more easily stylable. To look at, the brightness of the silver is also attractive in comparison to the heavily oxidised look of the Dallah charm. The sides of the charm are simple polished silver, with the classic  S925 ALE hallmarks tamped on one side. Itís not threaded.

Itís always fun to hunt down Pandoraís country exclusives, and Iím glad pandora charms disney to have found this one Ė it seemed the perfect way to round off my Arabian leather design, which has always seemed a little unbalanced with four beads on it. I do feel like its more generic design  reflects an overall trend in Pandoraís new collections, a loss of the inspiration that went into the wonderful Camel and Dallah beads, but itís pretty nevertheless. And, of course, the Chinese New Year beads remain as creative as ever! The other exclusive charm that came  out recently was this little limited edition two-tone beauty, which was exclusive to China, I believe. I was taking my break from both blogging and charm collecting when this was available in the autumn, and I missed it, but I do regret not getting it when it was around! Country exclusives are usually quite fun to track down Ė this one, however, is a bit too tricky even for me! Put together the high spend and the fact that I donít have any contacts in China, and Iím pretty much out of the running for this one.

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